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A collection of bedroom demos that I think mostly came from 2014 and 2015


released February 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Thom Hunter and The Rocket Surgeons Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Ah!Pathetic
What’s the opposite of amorous?
I need an antonym for amorous
What’s another word for not giving a shit?

I can’t believe all of those love songs, how could I ever feel that way?
Just hight on chemicals that came from in and outside of my brain
I thought you were kidding when you said “things are changing for the best”
‘cause it’s hard to feel so blessed when looking through your own shit lens
Down the road to god knows where you said at least a hundred times
“you are loved. you are winning. you are mine”
You lied

My neighbor is drunk out in the street, cutting up women in his dreams
I feel bad and then ignore. I let my diseases speak for me. Just like him
(we’re all like him)
We may not all find our means, but we will surely find our ends
It’s hard to feel so cleansed when looking through your own shit lens
Across the bridge to god knows where it reads at least a hundred times
“it’s fine. it’s fine. it’s fine. it’s fine….”
That bridge lied

We don’t move the way we used to.
Track Name: Different Worlds
i imagine
my heart bursting out of my chest
I imagine ripping out all of me teeth
you just watching
I imagine killing myself one way or another
don’t we all?

There are different worlds you’ll never understand

I imagine hurting me
it’s easier than touching you
I imagine cutting of my fingers
til I don’t know what to do
I imagine hurting you
cause it’s easier than hurting myself more

There are different worlds you’ll never understand

This is taking too long
could you pick up the pace?
I know it all feels so wrong
But I’m still learning how to use these legs

I imagine waking up to never see the light
I imagine cutting my ears off so all your words fall on the deaf
I imagine none of this will matter in the end

I imagine no one really getting it
they never do

But could you spend one day not pretending
like you really know what’s going on
or could you spend one day not feeling guilty
or feeling the guilt you really should?

‘cause it’s a cartoon anvil on my chest
it should be easier to erase
and it’d be easier to get rid of my guilt
if you’d stop reminding me of all of my shame

I'm scared to sleep because I won't wake up
I’m scared to sleep because I won’t wake up
I’m scared to sleep because I might just still wake up
Track Name: Bullshit (The Church of The PCS)
We'll paint up your cage the brightest shades of grey (with some tones of white guilt.)
Track Name: Flower Moon
Sunflowers up to your second floor window
There’s so much life outside for you to ignore
It’s time to pack
I’ll move away
Stare at my television in a new place

Stargazers covered in Babies Breath
Wilting away in your kitchen
You moved to the mountains
Where it’s hard to breathe
That high altitude won’t get you closer to your god

I stood under your Flower Moon and waited for it to fall on me
It gets strange finding yourself so lost
Even stranger with three sixes on your cross

I’m the poster child for naive
Afflicted by my own disease
The patron saint of all you hate
All I do’s deracinate
Template for a nihilist
There’s no reason I exist
You can’t reap what you never sow
Your bones grow ’til they don't
Track Name: The Sum of All Your Problems
You are not the sum of all your problems.
Track Name: Just Rock N Roll
Oh, we’ve been on these tires too long
burning them up ’til they’re gone
and we’re riding on only our wheels

The road that we’re on seems endless
You wish it were level and well lit
But everything just keeps looking worse

No, I can’t speak for you
But I’m tired of running on fumes
We all break down eventually. I suppose.

You’re walking on broken legs
with crutches made from bottles and kegs
so you don’t leave your bed much these days

There’s a memory stuck in your head
That you’re trying your best to forget
saying to yourself “it’ll never be that good again”

And the song that was on it was perfect
but never again have you heard it
you still catch yourself humming along in your head

So when they’re finally calling you home
and it’s the first time you don’t want to go
because there’s still so much you don’t know..

just rock n roll